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  • Running Off The Mark

    Running Off The Mark

    Early this year I set a personal goal to average three running miles per day in 2019. In 2018 I ran 809 miles for an average of 2.22 miles per day. Moving the bar to three miles per day would be 1095 miles for 2019. You would think that adding 0.78 miles per day would…

  • A Real River Run

    A Real River Run

    An afternoon run looks like a run on the river!

  • 2018 Summer Marathon Training Week 7

    Summer marathon training can be a hot sweaty mess. I’m lucky to have a club running program to help!

  • Saturday Long Run

    Saturday Long Run

    Sometimes a nice summer run is just what you need to clear the cob webs.

  • Last Long Run at 52

    Last Long Run at 52

    This week’s run was my last long run at 52. On Monday I turn 53 and will continue to remind my self that I’m still in my early 50’s. This week we ran the same Sunday Long Run route that we ran week six, the Winchester Highland route. Three weeks ago it was around 90°,…

  • Sunday Long Run Number 7 for 2017

    Sunday Long Run Number 7 for 2017

    Sunday Long Run Number 7 Week Number 7 was much cooler than last week, and we only had to run 14.6 miles! I was traveling last week so I only managed to get in one 4.34 mile run along the water front in Baltimore. I definitely need to be more diligent with my training while…, pub-4167727599129474, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0