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A Real River Run

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Running down the River?

I went out for a Friday afternoon run at work. We were having another unseasonably warm day and I couldn’t resist. This was my second River Run for the week. When I ran across the Longfellow bridge on Tuesday there was a huge crowd on the bridge returning from The Patriots Victory Parade.

Today the crowd was light but my first mile pace was sluggish. Not sure why, but I ended up running an 8:23 pace over 5.03 miles.

When I got home and loaded my run into Garmin Connect I saw this interesting graphic. The green circle is supposed to be where I started my run. In the middle of The Charles River!

There is ice on the river, but barely enough for a duck to walk on. It’s mostly open water again.

Every once in a while I get a crazy result like this. I’m never sure why.

My watch locked onto satellites quickly and nothing seemed unusual. It was just another fun run along the river.

Do you ever get crazy results like this with your watch?

Run well my Friends and stay off the ice!

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6 responses to “A Real River Run”

  1. Katherine Avatar

    Sometimes I get odd data. Every so often my watch will start me off at at 3min/mile pace! ?

    1. OmniRunner Avatar

      Haha! Sometimes I get a “best pace” number like that. It must have something to do with the satellite signals, but it can be frustrating.


  2. bgddyjim Avatar

    I run my GPS through my phone and that would happen every now and again with endomodo. I’ve never had it happen with Strava, though.

    1. OmniRunner Avatar

      When you use your phone does it use cell towers instead of satellites?
      I’ve used RunKeeper on my phone a few times. It used cell signals and would lock onto a signal in seconds. Garmin can take up to a minute to lock onto satellites sometimes.

  3. sarahdudek80 Avatar

    I occasionally get bizarre data too. I hate when it shows my first mile running at a 4 minute pace. Sure that is funny to look at, but I hate having the rest of my data all thrown off. Glad you weren’t really running on the river! Don’t you just lovely unseasonably warm days in the winter? I ran in 40 degrees the other day in shorts because it felt like spring to me.

    1. OmniRunner Avatar

      And we’re finally at the point where 40 degrees feels pretty good!