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First Run in 24 Days!

First run in twenty-four days!

My physical therapist gave me the green light to start running again at my appointment on Tuesday. I could have gone out Tuesday night but on the way home I noticed lots of patches of ice. I’ve waited this long, why risk slipping on the ice and aggravating my knee?

The First Test Run

For my first test run I wanted to keep things under control and avoid slipping on the ice.

I decided the treadmill was my best bet to maintain control and avoid further injury. If I felt anything I could stop right away and not have to walk back on a sore knee.

The run wasn’t anything impressive, but I managed to run for 15 minutes at 6.5mph without any pain!

I was a little nervous the entire run. I felt a twinge while using the elliptical Monday and was concerned that I would get another one while running.

When I got to 15 minutes I had a great sense of relief. I had passed the first test. Tomorrow I’ll run for 20 minutes at the same speed and see how that feels. Over the weekend I’ll take it easy and next week I’ll start doing 30 minute runs. By the end of next week I’ll try a 4 mile run.

Half at the Hamptons

The Half at The Hamptons is ten days away. That race will be my first run of significant distance since my injury.

Can I run for two hours or more and not feel any pain?

What if I do feel pain and have to drop out? I’ve never done that before.

Racing is very different than 30 minutes on a treadmill.

While this is a distance test run, it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement and competitive environment of a race.

I plan to start this race slow, and stay that way. There is no pride involved in this race this year.

This race is another test and another step in my recovery. The race isn’t to test my speed or fitness. It’s to test my body’s ability to just run. Simple as that.

Half at The Hamptons, first run
Half at the Hamptons -2014

Run well my friends!

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