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How to Recycle Anything

I found this article on and wanted to share it

I get updates from every day and they usually have one or two articles that I enjoy reading. This 2013 article was written by Sophia Breene, who is a regular contributor to the site.

I recycle, re-use or up-cycle probably 90% of the “waste”, “junk” or “trash” at our house. Diverting 50-75% of your “waste” is really quite easy. With a compost pile and a few of Sophia’s ideas you can get to 90% also!

How to Recycle Anything by Sophia Breene

Runners recycle,recycle anything

We know, we know! We should be reducing, reusing, and recycling at all times, but it’s just so time-consuming. Looking up plastic codes, sorting through sticky bottles (ick), and finding postage to send recyclables to the right place can be a serious pain in the neck. But going the extra mile is important — in 2010, the average American generated more than 1,500 pounds of waste over the course of the year (and only 551 pounds of that amount was recycled or composted). Over seven billion pounds of PVC plastic are chucked every year, while only one percent of that amount is recycled. Whether you’re an Earth Mama or a proud SUV owner, the truth is we’re throwing away too much stuff. And while ditching the clutter might make us happier, tossing it all into a landfill doesn’t make the planet smile.

In honor of America Recycles Day, here’s a guide to getting rid of junk in an environmentally friendly way. We’ve done the work for you — some items cannot be recycled easily, so we’ve included resources to upcycle, donate, or give away surplus stuff.

Note: If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with single-stream recycling (SSR), all recyclable items can be put out for collection together. Call the local department of sanitation or waste management organization to learn if your area has SSR.

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Let’s keep it clean out there!

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3 responses to “How to Recycle Anything”

  1. tischcaylor Avatar

    Good ideas here. Wish I could come up with a good option for recycling my running shoes, which tend to be really far gone by the time I’m done with them. Every place I see that takes running shoes wants them to be “gently used,” and mine usually have holes in the toes!

    1. Imarunner2012 Avatar

      Hi, New Balance used to take shoes and grind up the soles to make running tracks.
      Check a few manufacturer’s sites and see if they have any info. Could be a good blog post.
      Some people think that running is the “Greenest” sport there is. No one builds stadiums and we just put on our gear and go. Problem is, most of that gear is made from petroleum based products.
      I have seen a shirt Co that makes shirts from hemp fabric. I think Brooks has a part of their shoe that is recyclable, but you have to take it out of the shoe before you toss the other 90% of the shoe! Yeesh!
      When I launch my new web site I’m going to feature green products.

  2. Heather @ Avatar

    We are lucky enough to have a GREAT recycling system here. We have huge bins that are picked up once week. Makes recycling SUPER easy and convenient. I donate my clothes to Goodwill and shoes to my running store who sends them to the Special Olympics 🙂