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Janathon Day 15

Janathon Continues

My running is spotty but my writing is consistent. Well, the writing may be spotty as well.

Tuesday night I went to my gym and ran on the treadmill. It was raining out and I have brand new Brooks Adrenaline shoes. I didn’t want to mess them up on the first run; maybe on the second or third run.

I managed to get in 7.76 miles in 65 minutes which comes out to 8:20 average pace, according to Garmin. The treadmill said 8:24, but no one’s handing out medals here. The important thing is that I got in a good sweaty run, over 10K.

Looking at my spreadsheet tonight, I realized I have a race on January 26th. The 19th ANNUAL BOSTON PREP 16 MILER in Derry, NH. I ran this race last year and it was FREEZING. One of my coldest races ever. I upgraded my cold weather gear recently and I’m hoping it wont be quite as cold as last year.

19th Annual Derry 16 miler, Janathon

At this point in time I can run in 30F temps comfortably. A few months ago that would have seemed very cold but that cold snap before Christmas was a good conditioning period for us runners.

Derry is 16 miles and I really don’t have a time goal. It will be my longest run for this training season so far.

Anything around 9 minutes will be okay, but I’ll be pushing for every second I can get under 9. What ever happens, I’ll still get in a challenging long run, which will be good for me.

Run well my Friends!

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