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Miles for March

Miles for March

My grand total is 131.58 miles.

The plan was to run 189.2 miles for March. To do that I would have had to more than quadruple my February miles. Not a good idea. I managed to get in 3 out of 5 Club Sunday Long Runs. The two that I missed were due to races.

I still managed to more than triple my February mileage ( 42.47 to 131.58). I’m feeling strong and healthy. Brian made me run harder than I planned to at the April Fool’s 4 Miler. Last week Louis had me running a Tuesday Night Club run faster than normal also. While I felt challenged by both of those runs, I also felt strong and up to the task.

The Eastern States 20 Miler was my last run of March. After kicking it out at the April Fool’s 4 Miler the day before, I’m not sure what I expected that Sunday. 20 miles is a looong run. Even on fresh legs. The last 4 or 5 miles were painful, but not marathon painful. My time was about 3 minutes slower than last year, but last year Eastern States was the week before April Fools.

My goal for April was 88.2 and I’ve already whittled that down to 73.49 and it’s only the first week of April! Maybe I’ll hit 50 miles? It’s better to show up with rested legs on race day.

As usual, my training plan has gone out the window. I managed through an injury and have come back feeling strong. The Eastern State 20 was my longest run and it’s all down hill from here throughout the taper. Having my longest run as a race was a good thing, in my mind. When you are running for time you don’t take breaks every five miles and chat like you do on a club run.

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I’m still dreaming of a 4 hour Boston Marathon. It can’t possibly be as hot as 2012.

Run well this weekend my friends!

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  1. pwlPaul Locke Avatar

    Can’t possibly be as hot as 2012… so far Accu Weather says it will be a perfect day:

    1. imarunner2012 Avatar

      As I typed that line out I cringed, thinking I had just jinxed my self.