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Omni Runs Friday

Omni Running launched on Sunday, September 14th.

Omni Running is my new self-hosted site that combines my old blog, “I’m a runner and so can you” with my web site “MedalFramz.” I’m hoping that having one site for everything will free up time to write, run and have a life.

Definitions of “Omni” include “everything,” “all,” and “of all things.” For a blog that is all about running that seemed appropriate.

You were probably redirected from “I’m a Runner” and saw my landing page or read my “About” page all ready, so I won’t get into my goals and mission here.

Welcome to Omni Running!

omni running, team relay,tufts“Omni Runs Friday” will be my new Friday series post. I plan to post twice a week, with Monday being my main post for the week and “Omni Runs Friday” as an omnibus post. If there is a lot going on, or something happens, I may post mid-week,

If you decide to “Sign up for the Run”, I won’t be filling your in box with a ton of messages. The plan is for two posts, maybe a three per week.

Omni Runs Friday, September 19, 2014

15 days ago I turned 50. It wasn’t traumatic or anything like that. It is a milestone in life and something I occasionally thought about. I plan to live to 100, so I’m half way there. I’m making progress towards my goal.

To celebrate this achievement I thought I should do something special. Something unique. Dave McGillivray runs a mile for each year of age on his birthday. Dave turned 60 this year. Dave is an amazing athlete and has achieved way more than I could ever dream of. Dave has his own Wikipedia page! The man is a legend!

Dave and I share a passion for running and we’ve both run Boston a few times! I thought about a running goal that I could achieve. I thought about a goal that would allow me to have a year-long celebration of running and living. A year of passion.

Running 50 marathons was out of the question. I’m doing three this year and that has been plenty. 50 half marathons would mean about 50 weekends. Some weekends I could double up, but not many. 50 halfs would also be expensive, probably around $2,500.

That left me with 10Ks and 5Ks. I’m 50, so 5K seemed like the right number. I can get in 50 5Ks without having to run every weekend also. There are a few mid-week races in the Boston area during the summer. I can also run more than one 5K in a day or two over a weekend.

I’m calling my new adventure 50-5Ks@50. I’ll be using the hash tag, #505Ks@50 all year. Each week I’ll let you know how I’m doing towards my goal and what races I have coming up. Sounds like good material for Omni Runs Friday!

So here I am. A new blog, a new age and a new challenge.

Welcome to Omni Running, I hope you enjoy the run!

Run well my friends,

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4 responses to “Omni Runs Friday”

  1. Sue Avatar

    Good luck with your goal Andy! I’m doing a 50K for my 50th year 🙂

    1. Runner2014 Avatar

      Nice. Not sure which goal is more difficult!
      See you Sunday.
      Cheers – Andy

  2. Leigh Costa Avatar

    What an awesome goal. Congrats to you for doing something so unique and best of luck:-)

    1. Runner2014 Avatar

      Thank you. It’s going to be a challenge, but 5Ks are so much more manageable than marathons.
      Have a great weekend!