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Training at 50

The 50’s are here!

AARP can wait. I need that membership fee to sign up for a 5K. If you saw my post yesterday, I have a few to run in the next 12 months.

running,runner,trainingOver the years, my birthday has fallen on Labor Day or Labor Day weekend several times. Three days to eat, drink beer and usually swim a lot. Very nice.

This year my birthday was on a Thursday which means I get to party on two weekends! Last weekend we had a nice family get together in New Hampshire with lobsters, a few IPAs and the traditional swim.

I also managed a 21 mile long run in sweltering heat which didn’t kill me. This weekend I have a 20 mile long run and the wife and I are going out for my birthday dinner. That means someplace nice. Maybe appetizers and desert. Maybe Salvatore’s in Medford Square?

Training this week

I had a nice 8.34 mile birthday run on Thursday. Mostly under 8 minute miles with an over all average of 8:18. The Esplanade is mostly flat and those miles felt pretty good.

When we had cake at work today, everyone asked me if I was doing anything special for my birthday. I told them I just gave my self a nice long run. I think most of them thought I was joking. A nice run that will help ensure I make it to my next birthday. That is a priceless gift, and it was free.

My weekly total came in at 35.6 miles! A weekly high and nothing really hurts. So far my Baystate training is going well.

I have no real plan. This is a totally by the seat of the pants training program here. I run the Sunday long run every week, I’ve lengthened the Tuesday night run to 8 plus miles and I run one or two days at work, 6-9 miles. I’m just a knuckle head on auto pilot. Relying on experience and listening to my body.

A gift from the BAA

Who says you can’t give the gift of time? Upon turning 50, my qualifying time for The Boston Marathon increased by 5 minutes to 3:30. Now I ONLY have to run 26.2, 8 minute miles, instead of 7:49 miles. What a relief!

I know that I can run 6 to 8 miles under 8 minutes during training. Under race conditions I can probably stretch that to a half marathon at my current fitness level.

With six weeks to go I have a lot of work to do, and I am looking forward to it. Just like last week, I am looking forward to the long run. 20 miles. Bring it on!

Any good mid-week 5Ks that you can recommend in the Boston area?

Run well my friends!

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2 responses to “Training at 50”

  1. txa1265 Avatar

    Great start to your 50s! I also love milking my birthday across weekends whenever possible 🙂 That Salvatore’s in Medford looks nice – not sure if we every went out in Medford, between living in Stoughton, Acton and then Townsend 🙂

  2. Imarunner2012 Avatar

    Food is great and prices are not crazy.