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Training Week 8

Training Week 8

went very well. My miles are increasing slowly and my knee is under control. Applying RICE to my knee has it feeling better even as my miles have increased.

During week 7, I managed to run 30.28 miles. For week 8 I ran 30.45. The Sunday Long Run was about 3 miles shorter this week, but I had a good Tuesday night run and a good lunch time run on Thursday which more than made up the difference.

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This Sunday we have an 18.1 mile run which takes us down Main Street in Melrose and down the Fellsway to Breakheart Reservation. After we climb those hills its out Farm Street in Wakefield to Montrose, down Salem/Lowell St to Lake Quannapowitt. We loop around the lake and then slog in down Main Street back to Melrose.

This week we will have 5 water stops! I plan to hold back and not start with the lead group this week.

If all goes well on Sunday, I should be able to break 35 miles next week. Not a lot of miles for someone seriously training for a marathon, but it is pretty good for me. I rarely run more than 40 miles while training for a marathon and that is probably why I haven’t qualified for Boston yet.

I do keep getting faster and ran a Boston PR this year. A lot of that improvement can be attributed to my gym work, some of it to the long runs and maintaining a good base all year round.

I’ve been busy working on my new blog so I haven’t had much time to write. If all goes well this weekend, I hope to launch the new blog the first of next week.

Run well my friends and have a safe weekend!


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3 responses to “Training Week 8”

  1. Run Colby Run Avatar

    Nice work Andy! New Blog? What new blog!! How exciting!!! Run swiftly. And I’m jealous about your 5 water stops. I’ll be trying out my new Hydration Vest. God help me. 🙂

    1. Imarunner2012 Avatar

      Hi, Right now I have this blog and a separate web site where I am trying to market my display frames and First 5K Medals.
      It’s too much work/complicated to have them separate, plus WP limits what I can do.
      I’m not going all commercial or anything, but I am changing direction by a few degrees.
      God help me! So much new stuff to learn. None of this stuff is intuitive or easy. I don’t care what they say.

      1. Run Colby Run Avatar

        Are you kidding me? I can successfully link and add gifs. That’s it. IT Girl I am not. Good Luck with the site! I can’t wait to see it!!!