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Tuesday Night Club Run

Club Run

It has now been two days since my 18.84 mile SLR.

I think the Tumeric – Elixir of Life, SuperJuice*, has been helping with marathon training recovery.

I have not run more than a half marathon since October. Two weeks ago I ran a Half and Sunday I went up to 18.84 miles. That’s a big increase in only a week.

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A single data point does not allow for any conclusions. But my legs felt great during tonight’s Club Run.

I was able to run some really good splits. Usually my legs would be killing me a few days after making such a large increase in miles. I didn’t do any extraordinary stretching in the past 48 hours, just my usual routine.

I have two more bottles of SuperJuice* that I plan on drinking after my next two long runs. I have a 5K on Saturday and the club has a 20 mile Sunday Long Run. I may do the short route on Sunday. We’ll see.

But, I will drink the SuperJuice on Sunday and see how I feel on Tuesday.

*SuperJuice is my own creative description of this beverage. This description was not provided by or endorsed by TumericALIVE. I claim dibs on this one.

Live well my friends!

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5 responses to “Tuesday Night Club Run”

  1. Pandora Viltis Avatar

    In addition to cherry juice, I use either beet root juice or powder on my long runs and speed days. I often forget I’ve taken it and have these great runs, then later recall that was one thing I took that I don’t use every day and it might’ve been the edge.

    Still not convinced to drink turpentine juice, but I’m eager to read your reports on it.

    1. imarunner2012 Avatar

      I should read all comments before responding. I’ve heard that the cherry juice is very tart and that beet juice tastes an aweful lot like beets. Many people do not like that flavor, my wife calls it “dirt”!

      1. tischcaylor Avatar

        If you hold your nose while drinking beet root juice, it tastes like grape juice. Seriously. But if you take your hand away a second too soon, the beet taste comes roaring back. …. As to performance, haven’t drunk it often enough to make any claims about performance, but I do know this taste illusion thing really works.

        1. imarunner2012 Avatar

          How m beet juice do you need to drink? The turmeric is 12oz which is a lot to chock down.

  2. Rekkless Running Avatar

    I’ll have to do some fast recovering in May, so Im interested to see how this Tumeric juice works for you!