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Sunday Long Run

Sunday Long Run recap

The Sunday long run today was 16.2 miles but I opted for the 8 mile course instead. I had planned on this course anyway, but some yard work from yesterday was haunting me this morning.

I copied and pasted my splits from Garmin Connect.

Avg Pace
Summary 1:19:15.0 8.00 9:50
1 10:03.8 1.00 10:04
2 10:22.5 1.00 10:23
3 9:55.5 1.00 9:56
4 9:48.9 1.00 9:49
5 9:37.7 1.00 9:38
6 9:38.1 1.00 9:38
7 9:52.5 1.00 9:53
8 9:54.1 1.00 9:54
9 :02.2 0.00 8:07

No spectacular times here, but I did get in 8 miles and I’m off to a good start to the week. Last week I managed to run 22.8 miles with 11.6 miles from the Sunday long run. I should be able to hit 20 this week and if I feel like adding 10% to last week’s total I could run 24 miles.

I spent three hours doing yard work yesterday. I dug up some grass next to the deck and replaced it with crushed stone. It’s part of my “get rid of the freaking lawn” program. Little by little I’m getting rid of grass in the nooks and crannies of the yard. Eventually, I’ll have so little lawn to mow that I will be able to use just the weed whacker. This will leave more time for running!

So three hours of digging and pushing a wheel barrow are not good for hamstring injuries. Pushing a wheel barrow involves a lot of exertion from the glutes and thighs. Not exactly a therapy session. I paid last night when I had to drive my daughter to a birthday party in Boston. The pain was as bad as the first time I drove home from work and realized I had a problem.

For this afternoon I plan a long stretching session that will involve all exercises on my sheet. Tomorrow at lunch instead of running I’ll do the stretchnig routine again. Then at 4:30pm I have another PT session. I’m sure they will be shacking their heads at me when I tell them about my weekend.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and thanks for dropping by.

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3 responses to “Sunday Long Run”

  1. Janet Avatar

    Oh, I would really love to run but with my weight it would be too hard on my knees, so for the time being, I will envy you and just walk. 😉

    1. imarunner2012 Avatar

      Janet, Walking is good. The important thing is to get out there and do something. Over time you will find that you can walk further and probably faster comfortably. Keep at it! And thanks for your comment.

  2. Mind Margins/Run Nature Avatar

    Yard work, especially pulling up weeds, can make me sore for a week. I’ve had plenty of runs I had to cancel because I was too sore from working in the garden. It must be all that squatting . . .