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Tag: summer running

  • Sunday Long Run Winchester Highlands 2018

    Sunday Long Run Six 2018 This week I managed to squeak in a long run before it was time to head off to the airport. The route was supposed to be 16.2 miles from Melrose through the Winchester Highlands. Winchester Highlands sounds like a grand tour, especially if you are from England or something. Around…

  • Saturday Long Run

    Saturday Long Run

    Sometimes a nice summer run is just what you need to clear the cob webs.

  • Melrose Sunday Long Run Four

    Sunday Long Runs continue in the heat of summer!

  • Saturday Running Sunday Kayaking

    The Melrose Running club began their “Fall Sunday Long Run Program” this week. We call it the Fall Program because local runners use it to prepare for their fall marathons. Because the MRC had their summer party Saturday night, we had our first run on Saturday. We didn’t want anyone staying up too late and…

  • Mystic Runners Lake Q 5k May 24 2017

    Mystic Runners Lake Q 5k takes place every Wednesday evening in Wakefield, MA. It’s been going on since I can remember and is the weekly club run for The Mystic Runners. Mystic Runners Lake Q 5k I’ve run with The Mystics quite a few times. Two years ago when I was going for 50 5K…

  • Summer Running Advice

    Summer Running Season is finally here. We endure freezing cold winters and soggy springs to get to this beautiful weather. Ideal running conditions are temps in the 50’s, low humidity and maybe overcast skis and a light breeze. Sometimes we get perfection, but usually we do not. Running takes up a lot of our spare…